Chandler Hill Vineyard Anniversary: Matt + Becca

I drove through the winding hills and watched the light dance through the valleys. This place was starting to feel like home and I wasn't sure if I would want to leave at the end of the night. Chandler Hill Vineyards is tucked away in the hills of Missouri. As the sun sets, it seems as though the valley of vineyards melt away into the sunset. 

It is something beautiful. 

Matt and Becca celebrated their third year of marriage, walking hand in hand through the valley. She told me about the beginnings of their relationship and the proposal and how they have journeyed together since then. Matt is a romantic. Always leaving notes and gifts for her. He would even have her friends deliver gifts to her when they were in college. And she is kind. Always thinking of others and pouring out encouraging words over their lives.

It is really something beautiful.

Matt prayed for Becca and for their relationship while they were dating. He wrote it all down in a pretty pink book and gave it to her the night he asked her to be his wife.
Since these pearls belong to Becca's mom, they were extra special.

a handmade bouquet...

so lovely.

Becca, you are GORGEOUS.

oh so sweet!!

 working their stuff.

Photography: Jordan Brittley
Hair and Makeup: Studio Branca

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