Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer: John + Mel

Protection was the word that came to her mind when she first met him. Because no matter which girl it was in their church family, he would protect them. Like a brother does a sister. Sometime between the first and second date they decided to remain friends and not pursue a relationship. And for a year Melissa talked herself out of having feelings for him.

After the second date, she couldn't ignore her feelings anymore and under the counsel of wise women she began to pray for him and his future as well as her own. Be it together or apart. Every thought she had of him was taken captive and given to God and she surrendered her future to Him.

When he wanted to get together to talk, she knew it would be bad. He probably didn't like her anymore or even liked someone else. He arrived with flowers and asked if he could pursue her and she was all in. Who was this wonderful man that God had given to her?

Their wedding was nothing short of incredible. From the gasps after Mel stood in front of her bridesmaids in her wedding dress to the cheers after John & Mel shared their first kiss, their wedding was truly a celebration. Of love. It was a celebration of His goodness. And I was so blessed to be there and celebrate with them.

John and Mel, I am so thankful I know you both. And that I can call you my friends.

I love all of the little details that were incorporated into the wedding. Mel was incredibly close to her grandmother and chose to wear an antique necklace from her grandmother's jewelry box. The sewing basket below was given to Mel by her mom.

Mel's mom made a clutch for each bridesmaid :) LOVE IT!

Mel's bridesmaids were so kind and excited for Mel. Truly a lovely bunch.

oh Mel, you are gorgeous.

a moment for handwritten vows...
 and the moments leading up to their first kiss...

and a little celebration from the whole bunch!

Mel wanted each bridesmaid to go with a shade of teal and find a dress that really fit their personality. 

we snuck away before the reception for a few photos. 

And arrived just in time to set sail on the Majestic

and then after the reception...

You guys are incredible!!

lovely, Mel. Just lovely.

really?? this is a favorite for sure!

I will end on this sweet note :) Love you both!!
Don't miss their website here: http://johnandmelissa.jordanbrittley.com/

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